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Our programmes are designed to inspire students to challenge themselves and be curious about learning beyond tick-boxing for exams.

Each year, thousands of Immerse students come away from their programme refreshed and renewed to tackle the next stages of their academic journeys. They take part in enriching academic and social programmes on our Immerse summer schools, which help them to make friends from around the world and gain clarity on their higher education choices.

Below are handpicked stories of our Alumni, who are now scholars or working in their chosen fields. They share how their experiences at Immerse positively impacted their journeys, and they give you advice for taking part in an Immerse programme. Read each of their stories linked below.

Clemens studied Biology up until post-graduate level. He is now a scholar and owner of the brand Sciencerely on YouTube


After Immerse, Clemens decided to study Biology at the University of Vienna with an exchange at Imperial College London. He then took a postgraduate programme in Human Biology at the University of Munich and is now conducting a PhD in the same field. In addition to his career as a scientist and independent consultant, he has created a life sciences brand on YouTube called Sciencerely which was recently awarded the “Science Influencer Award” by the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His advice to Immerse participants is to enjoy their time on the programme and participate in all that Immerse offers.


After Immerse, Zohayb studied computer science at Queen Mary University London, he's now working as a software engineer
Immerse Alumni


Zohayb has had an interesting journey, from initially pursuing economics to then switching to studying computer science. He’s now working at a fintech company that provides financial services to lower incomes households in Pakistan. His time at Immerse was his first stint away from home which helped him to become more comfortable in social interactions with people from all around the world. His advice to future participants is to be unafraid to try new things and disciplines.


Amelie recently graduated as a medical student and will be working as a gynaecologist


By taking part in the Immerse programme, she became much more secure in her English language skills, so much so that she started studying medicine in English. She went to medical school in Slovakia and has recently graduated. She starts work as a gynaecologist in just a few months.

Her advice to Immerse participants is to be open and use the time to make connections and enjoy an unforgettable time.


Connor studied philosophy at Edinburgh University, where his pathway towards a career in sustainability began
Immerse Alumni- Professional Photo


After getting a solid foundational knowledge of philosophy at Immerse, he went on to study the subject at the University of Edinburgh the following year. This unlocked his passion for sustainability. He has been working for two years in the sustainability industry, and now helps global companies shape their approaches to sustainability strategy and reporting. His advice to Immerse participants is to make the most of the whole opportunity.


Marie is finishing medical school and plans to secure an endocrinology residency
Immerse Alumni


By taking part in the Immerse programme, she learned how competitive the application process to medical school would be, and she understood how to sell herself more as an ideal medical school candidate. After the programme, she continued her high school studies, worked at a paediatrics hospital department during her gap year, and is now entering her sixth year of medical school at the University of Navarra in Spain.

Her advice to Immerse participants is to speak with mentors who are studying subjects which they are also interested in, as there is a great deal that can be learned from their mentor experiences.


Katrine is currently a pharmacology PhD student and expert in biochemistry
Black & White Photo of an Immerse Alumni


The Immerse experience led her to apply for an exchange trip to Boston during her bachelor’s degree. Taking part in the programme showed her how much she enjoys studying in other countries. Since Immerse, she obtained a degree in biochemistry (where she did an exchange year in Boston). She also took an MSc degree in Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Copenhagen. Following that, she went on to work for a mid-sized pharma company and is now a Pharmacology PhD student. Her advice to Immerse participants is to engage in the classes and enjoy their time among peers who find the subject just as fascinating as they do.


Catrina is completing an MSc in Management from LSE and an MSc in Biotechnology from Bath. She will be starting a new role at McKinsey
Immerse Alumni Graduation


At the age of 17, Catrina had already started studying Natural Sciences (Biochemistry with Chemistry) at the University of Bath. She then went on to study both Business Management and Biotechnology at master’s level to combine both of those interests for her future prospects. She found that Immerse gave her a positive and motivating environment to explore her interests as she prepared for university. Her advice to future participants is to surround themselves with positive, motivational people that they can look up to.


Cloe studied bioengineering at Northeastern University and now works in genome engineering


Immerse gave her the confidence to pursue the degree that she had an interest in, even though she knew it would be challenging. She discovered her passion for engineering and her love of meeting people from across the globe on Immerse. She studied Bioengineering at Northeastern University and now works at a cell therapy company doing genome engineering.

Her advice to Immerse participants is to have fun, be bold, and try new things.


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