London Excursion – by Vera – International Relations

Graduation Ceremony Vera
Graduation Ceremony Vera

Saturday, 7 August

The weekend greeted us with a clouded sky and a day ahead in the capital: London. 

At 8:00 am, I hurried out of my room, bag in hand, ready to speed through our morning croissant and coffee at the Cambridge cafeteria. 

With a full stomach and full of energy, we gathered around Chapel Court, praying for the wooden spoon to arrive before Ibby’s voice called out our names. Spoon secured, and out of danger, we rode the bus to London blasting music. To the beat of English rap and outdated one direction songs, we took over the city. 

First, the British Museum. In battalions of 6, we travelled from Ancient Egypt to the European renaissance and even Edo Japan through literal bits and pieces of history. 

After time travel, we lost ourselves through Covent Garden and enjoyed an Italian meal. With the clouds, our spirits were lifted by warm cookie dough and several cups of coffee. Strolling under the sun, at 4:00 pm our small international army gathered once again by the Museum, ready to head back to our temporary home. 

As usual, dinner was held at the college. Yet, today, rather than discussing the content of our academic sessions, we dwelled upon the connections we had made between each other and decided unanimously that London would not be the only city that we would take over together. 

To end the day, we clustered around a screen to enjoy a movie night. Our attempts at witty remarks combined with the sweet & salty popcorn made up the perfect ending to our day. 

Vera, Sidney Sussex, Session 5 – International Relations


Blog - London Excursion – by Vera – International Relations

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