The Inspiring Environment of the Sidney Sussex College – by Dima – Medicine

Tuesday, 13 July 

Today I woke up very motivated to discover new things and gain knowledge of medicine. Every academic session that we’ve had in the Immerse programme has been fascinating, and I always learn something I didn’t know before. The best parts of todays’ class were glucose homeostasis and skeletal-muscular activity. I’m really interested in diabetes, so learning more about glucose was really useful for my research about non-invasive glucometers. We conducted experiments to assess our glucose levels and to observe our muscular activities, which were really interesting. 

After two academic sessions, we had loads of free time and went to the biggest shopping centre in Cambridge. I had a good time there, resting after challenging academic sessions. After that, we had a guest speaker who made a presentation about mental health. I found it extremely helpful, and I will use a lot of tips from that presentation in my daily life. I think everyone should know more about mental health. 

Then we had some time for private study which we have daily, during which you actually learn something you’re very interested in. The inspiring environment of Sidney Sussex College always makes you dedicated, and that makes the private study very productive. We all went to our rooms at 10:25 PM, and I went to sleep being excited about the next day.

Dima, Sidney Sussex, Session 1 (Medicine)


Blog - The Inspiring Environment of the Sidney Sussex College - by Dima - Medicine

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