Walking On Sunshine…In Grantchester

Day 2 of the final week started off with breakfast at Queens’. It was great to see that so many participants have already formed strong friendships.

Quickly after breakfast, participants went off to their morning tutorials. At lunch, some students went to Aromi while others went to Cambridge’s favourite Mexican restaurant: Nanna Mexico. Some say you are not truly immersed into Cambridge until you visit Nanna Mexico!

A Walk to Grantchester

For the afternoon activity, the students continued to experience Cambridge traditions by taking a walk to Grantchester. The walk was blissful and calm and the weather did not disappoint. It gave many students the opportunity to clear their heads and engage in deep conversations. When we arrived at Grantchester, it was a race to the ping pong table at the Red Lion pub. During the tournament, students showed off their great table tennis skills.

Immediately after arriving from Grantchester, it was time for dinner. The students then went off to their one-to-one sessions discussing interview preparation and fine-tuning their personal statements. Alternatively, some students decided to watch a film or watch the Olympics.

All in all, it was a fun-filled, relaxing day.

Enjoying cool soft drinks at the Red Lion
Enjoying cool soft drinks at the Red Lion
The ping pong tournament gets heated
The ping pong tournament gets heated


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