Immersed: Our Alumni

Immerse alumni share their stories!

Where will Immerse take you?

An Immerse participant takes part in a two-week residential programme, however we aim to provide an experience that stays with them for life. Our alumni have described their time as inspiring and transformative, and tell us that Immerse helped them gain a clearer understanding of what they wanted to study and how to work towards future ambitions. We love to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our alumni and keep in touch with them as they continue to explore the opportunities around them. We offer support and advice for our participants long after they have gone home. Through events, our flagship magazine ‘Immersed’, competitions, fundraising, and work opportunities, our exceptional experience has long-lasting benefits.

Erik Enger Karlson attended Immerse in 2017. Since his time on the Computer Science programme he has built a number of successful businesses, among them Catcher Games. 

With Immerse I got to meet and learn from ambitious people from all over the world

With the computer science that I in part learned at Immerse I have now created multiple digital services and companies. Among others the service, a team building game which has now been used by thousands of students and has helped them develop more of a community at their University, high school or summer camp.

With Immerse I got to meet and learn from ambitious people from all over the world and I now hope to bring my services to even more people.

I returned to Immerse – this time as a mentor

In June 2014, in search of an academic summer programme that pushed me but also gave me an opportunity to explore Cambridge, I stumbled across Immerse.

I came with so many questions: Do I want to study International Relations or Law? What about International Relations do I find interesting? After those 2 weeks, I left with a much clearer vision of what my future could look like.

Ore Ogunbiyi attended Immerse in 2014. She was inspired to applying to Cambridge University and was accepted. Ore returned to Immerse as a mentor in 2016 and then as a Programme Manager in 2017.

Greetje Huisman attended the Immerse International Relations programme in 2016. Since then her studies have taken her around the world!

I would love to go back to Cambridge again

The most inspirational thing about studying with Immerse was being taken seriously by our tutors and having interesting discussions with them – being seen as a student instead of as a high school kid. On the back of my experience, I have begun studying a bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (with a focus on psychology and neuroscience) in Maastricht, and travelled to Australia to do a semester abroad in Sydney. Soon I will return to the Netherlands, write my final thesis and hopefully graduate from my bachelor with a view to starting a Master’s degree.

Overall, studying with Immerse was a really fun experience in which I met a lot of new people, learned many interesting things and participated in a lot of cool activities. I would love to go back to Cambridge again, as it is a really beautiful and fun city. Furthermore, I am now probably more likely to start a conversation with new people, I have definitely become less shy.

Not only did Immerse convince me to study International Relations, it made me fall in love with Cambridge.

I attended Immerse in 2014 to do the International Relations course, and I absolutely loved it. I found that Immerse was the perfect balance between academics and fun. First and foremost, we were able to delve into subjects we may not have had the opportunity to study at school. The fact that I was able to take International Relations for two weeks solidified my decision to apply for such a course at university as well. This was the first time I was introduced to Oxbridge-style supervisions, whereby teaching happens in small groups based on your presentation of your work to further challenge yourself. So not only did the Immerse programme in Cambridge convince me to study International Relations, but it also made me fall in love with the city. 

Emilia Persson attended Immerse as a participant in 2014 and was so inspired by her time with us applied to the university. Emilia is currently studying HSPS at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

Katya Stokes is an Immerse Alumna having attended the programme in 2016. She is currently studying Law at Durham University.

Because of my time with Immerse I knew which subject I wanted to study at university, and had a better idea of what to expect once I got there

Studying with Immerse was a very intense experience, but well worth the effort. Because of my time with Immerse I knew which subject I wanted to study at university, and had a better idea of what to expect once I got there. My favourite part of studying with Immerse was getting the opportunity to learn a bit about my subject before committing myself to applying for that subject, which I would not have done otherwise.

Spending two weeks living and studying in a historic college in a legendary university, where hundreds of students have started their journeys was inspirational and gave me a chance to hear some of the stories about students at Cambridge that one might not hear about at an Open Day or as a tourist.

Since studying with Immerse I have finished school and moved on to study Law at Durham. Now I’m continuing with my studies, as well as starting to look ahead to what I want to do after finishing university – whether that be looking for a job or going on to further study.

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"My tutor gave me the confidence I needed to advance my understanding of my subject."