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Simply put, architecture is the study and design of buildings. Architecture design is the creation of sound structures and living environments.

From the humble cottage in the Cotswolds to a 300m tall Central London skyscraper, architecture plays a vital role in transforming the space around us.

Architects are visionaries, first and foremost. A large proportion of study relates to space, texture, and shape, to bring their ideas and inspirations to life.

Oxford Bridge of Sighs Architecture
Immerse Education Bridge of Sighs Oxford Architecture

Architects not only thrive with artistic talent, they should also learn the technical and theoretical aspects of structure, with physics and mathematics playing an important role. Studying architecture involves research and an in-depth understanding of structure.

In this article, we will explore different styles and types of architecture and what you might expect to study if you pursue a career in architecture. There are various architecture jobs and roles, and studying architecture will open doors to many opportunities.

Architecture in Oxford & Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge are famously known for their gothic architecture. The ‘dreaming spires’ and flower-like ornaments employed within Oxford are the perfect examples of gothic style within architecture. Cambridge is also one of the top universities for Architecture in the UK.

The gothic style came to Oxford in the 12th century, and stayed until the 16th century – within that time no fewer than 14 of Oxford’s 38 colleges were founded – meaning a significant portion of Oxford architecture is built in this style.

This creates the perfect environment to study architecture. Immerse Education offers Oxford summer courses in architecture, hosted by Immerse within these outstanding university college buildings.

There are various styles and architectural features to see within Oxford alone, such as the Radcliffe Camera – a perfect representation of the Palladian era that occurred in the 1700’s.

The Palladian architecture emphasises neat, symmetrical, and visually clear buildings. A circular building, the Radcliffe Camera is strikingly different from other buildings, with chronological and precise pillars and a circular dome-shaped roof which is classic of the Palladian architecture style.

Image of the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford Summer Programmes

Modern Architecture

Modern architectural buildings, or ‘contemporary architecture’ or the 21st century, heavily feature a clear understanding of the materials used, emphasising structure sustainability.

Young architects are growing up with a fundamental understanding of the climate change crisis. Architects will play a vital role in slowing global warming through innovative and carbon-positive technologies. 

It’s why in our 8 career prospects for architects, you’ll find cool examples of all the amazing jobs architect graduates have.

What will the future of architecture look like?

In the modern world, architecture is found within buildings and your external environment. Recently, businesses are also constructing ‘enterprise architecture’ to describe how their IT and computer systems are built internally to allow their business and operating systems to function well.

Enterprise architecture will be an ever-increasing subject as the world becomes steadily more ‘meta’. If this is the style of architecture you are interested in learning more about, why not visit our Computer Science programme page?

Studying architecture

Immerse Education offers exceptional insight into the subject if you are looking for a way to learn more about architecture. For two weeks in the summer, you can study architecture in Oxford University colleges or at the University of Cambridge colleges. In Christs College in Cambridge you’ll even get to stay at the famous ‘keyboard’ building in the brutalist architecture style.

The programme is taught entirely by Oxford and Cambridge tutors – who can give you important insight into studying architecture at an Oxbridge university and living in these two beautiful cities.

Studying Architecture online to supplement your Education.

Immerse offers architecture online courses to allow students to study their chosen subject with expert tutors from world-leading universities.

It’s a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the theoretical and practical foundations of the subject and supplement your school education in a subject you may not have studied before.

Learn more about our programmes hosted in Oxford by visiting our Oxford summer courses page, or learn more about studying Architecture with Immerse Education by heading to our Architecture programmes page.

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